January 2019 Silver-Spiel

Happy New Year and Welcome to our very first Silver-Spiel!
As the name suggests, you can expect the 'Spiel' to deliver Silverstream's updates from the vineyard to the cellar door. We've had a busy start to 2019, with our new acquisition, the Cellar Door at 241 Scotsdale Road opening just before Christmas. The new property will be an evolving scene, with grand plans to expand on the wine tasting experience. We looking forward to keeping you updated via our Spiel, in the meantime, do visit us!

Tony's Latest from the Vineyard

Newsletters are fairly one-sided publications with the author providing all of the information. I thought it might be good idea for YOU to consider some critical questions.

1. How much difference can a viticulturist and a viticultural process make to the resulting fruit quality?
2. How much influence does the season have on any given vintage?
3. How much difference is there between conventional, biological, and biodynamic viticulture determines fruit outcome?

The 2018 vintage, we had an early break in the weather (February) with rain during warmer, humid conditions, it became evident that all the wonderful native legumes (clover & siredella), had great germination providing the best naturally occurring inter-row cover crop. It was great to see a vigorous, healthy sward growing in moist, soft soil.

The 2019 vintage started with the normal break in May '18 with cold soil, the evidence of our legumes was nowhere to be seen in the reds, however was very evident in both the Riesling and the Chardonnay. The dominance of kikuyu in the reds was troublesome and needed human intervention. We attempted to do a mid row deep rip applying soil activator (biodynamic preparation). The ripper was no match for the kikuyu and not withstanding every alternate row was deep ripped, it created a mess of sods inter-row, not ideal. We will be modifying our deep ripper with a single disc colter which should cut through the kikuyu to allow penetration of the soil activator. The last thing we want to do is extreme soil disturbance, which is a no-no for soil structure and micro biology. As opposed to the '18 vintage which required no intervention. This is seasonal variation. Which has a significant influence on soil health due to the naturally occurring release of nitrogen via the legumes.

Silverstream aerial view of the varieties by block

Chardonnay Block

With the increase in cane pruned chardonnay to this entire block we can now achieve greater yields towards our sparkling Blanc-de Blanc, which will satisfy the healthy demand for this popular variety. With good bud burst and far more consistent shoot development along the canes we can expect an increase in yield this year.
The chardonnay fruit for our table wine will now have all five clones available for blending by the winemaker. Combined with an early middle and late hand pick we are in great expectation of a single vineyard chardonnay that will match the best of the region.

Riesling Block

Following the super cold and slow vintage in 2017, the wine result is not unexpected, a superb flavoursome (striking!) zesty riesling. In all honesty, it was touch-and-go to achieve adequate ripening, but this well suited variety has produced a great wine in a difficult year. So good is its fresh lemony taste that we were advised to release it early. The current vintage is looking promising with a consistent yield throughout both the clones.

Pinot Block

The fruit yield is definitely down this year, and we attribute this to 'stick cap' at flowering. A phenomena that causes reduced berry set so that some berries do not eventuate, and bunches are smaller and lighter. The typical pinot bunch is like a hand grenade, tight and full. There are sections of the pinot with good fruit set and now that veraison is occurring we can determine which parts of the pinot block will suffer a lower yield. The upside of this is achieving flavour without difficulty.

Cabernet Franc Block

The shorter summer in 2018 meant fruit ripening was difficult. We managed a 'late' pick on April 20th achieving 2 tonnes of this wonderful single red variety. The canopy this vintage is looking even bigger with even more balanced fruit set. Lets hope summer extends into late April/early May so that we achieve full ripeness. As we know our Cabernet Franc under these conditions is at its best.

Merlot Block

We feel confident health issues suffered by the merlot are not evident this year with a healthy, vigorous canopy, we look forward to ripe fruit for both a single variety merlot, and our infamous bordeaux blend. We have just released the 2012 Merlot Cabernet Franc which is quickly becoming the most popular variety in the cellar door. Don't miss this one, it is a great example of a Great Southern Bordeaux Blend with enormous cellaring potential.
Felicity amongst the sward of legumes in new Burgundian Chardonnay Clones 79, 95 & 96

Greetings from our new Cellar Door!

You may have heard it through the grapevine, our new cellar door has recently opened at 241 Scotsdale road, just 2km out of town. So close, that we encourage visiting by foot or bike if you're staying in town. Surrounded by natural bushland, with elevated views, our new light-filled space is an idyllic setting to taste and learn about the wines and their origins from the vineyard. We have been graced with a wonderful cellar door team, Justine our manager, along with Sarah and Carmen - who are all from the region, and are very passionate to share their knowledge of the wines, the vineyard, and the best of Denmark during your stay. 

We are open - Tuesday to Sunday, 11am -5pm.

If we have already had the pleasure of meeting you at our Cellar Door, please share your thoughts

Our new Wine Club

During the months of September through to November, we have been working away at our new website platform, creating a more seamless way for you to shop with us online.

There is also a new way to enjoy our wines with our wine club. Silverstream enthusiasts can now enjoy 20% off with our wine club packs offering free delivery, VIP invitations and priority access to limited Silverstream cellar releases. There are four wine club options to choose in white, red or mixed versions. It runs in line with seasonal deliveries.

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