Microbiology, from soil to glass

When you sip the contents of your wine glass your mind doesn’t automatically think of what’s going on beneath the vine in the soil where the fruit comes from. Unless of course you’re Silverstream owner Tony Ruse, with his broad acre farming background Tony’s whole attention is on the microbiology of Silverstreams soil, this is the soil that feeds the vines nutrition that produces the quality fruit that end up in his wine.

Traditionally wine growers have gone to extreme lengths to protect their crops from disease, droughts & weather to ensure a bountiful crop, holding the vines hand so to speak, all the while weakening the plants ability to survive on its own.

What if we could develop the microbiology of the soil to strengthen the plant so it can stand on its own roots against the threats it faces from season to season, year to year all the while further enhancing the true characteristics of the region.
This is exactly what Tony is trying to achieve by continually embracing soil microbiology, his theory is to see what already exists in the soil and improve it.

Rather than killing of the grasses like serradella and clover that grow between the rows – leave them to act as a natural nitrogen supply and mulch. Don’t remove the bugs in the vines but make sure they have their own predators to balance them out. And let the birds have their fill on the edge of the plot while we take the gold from the middle – the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

By not using pesticides and spays Tony embraces nature so it can develop its own strategy to handle what the elements throw at them.  Sure some resulting fruit is lost but what remains is something exemplary and this is reflected in the suburb fruit being harvested in the Quality over quantity.

Want to learn more? Then make sure you book into a Tour and Taste of Silverstream wines and see firsthand what Tony’s achieving on the land.

“You have to do viticulture 101 on site before you sip” –Tony Ruse
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