Our Vineyard

Inter-row cover crop of two types of legumes and perennials - Photo by JD Designs
Our vineyard

Our viticultural techniques are now embracing natural inputs with excellent results in soil biology and diversity. We minimise the use of chemicals to enhance the natural processes producing healthy vines and quality fruit.

The property is located at the western end of the Bennet Ranges, enjoying both elevation and maritime influence. The vineyard is situated on either side of a valley, with the Chardonnay and Riesling sharing the north facing slope and the Pinot, Merlot and Cabernet Franc on the south facing slope.

The undulating terrain was originally Karri Redgum forest cleared and farmed as a cattle grazing property. Our soils are a combination of karri loams and well drained sandy gravels.

The picturesque elevated property has ocean views overlooking Point Hillier on the rugged Southern Ocean.

Tour & taste

Wine and its production have a greater story than the taste. The vineyard and its history, both past and present are an incredible evolution of events and seasonality.

Recently we decided to do something more than simply offering a taste of our wines at the cellar door

By appointment, we take you for a tour to discover Silverstream followed by a tasting on our deck overlooking the vines.

The ‘tour and taste’ can take between 1 hour to 1.5 hours. There is no charge or obligation to buy our wines through our vineyard cellar door. More than anything, it is important to us that you understand the viticultural process.

Tour & Taste is by appointment only.
Call Tony 0418 942 933 or Pippa 0498 829 463

From cellar door looking out towards the Vineyard
Chardonnay block looking towards the Southern Ocean - Photo by JD Designs

The Bennett Range in Denmark’s High country is one of the true WA cool climate districts capable of growing Chardonnay, Pinot and Pinot Meunier.

These growing conditions are unique to Denmark and nowhere else in WA is the elevation and maritime growing conditions found, quite like this together.

The proposed Geographical Indication of the Denmark Region covers a significant area of coastline, running parallel with the Southern ocean and being directly affected by it. Various tables are supplied showing the climate differences by temperature comparing Denmark to other areas located in the Great Southern.

The difference in rainfall, sunshine hours, cloud cover and humidity and varieties capable of being successful and reliable, and of high quality, grown in Denmark, sets itself a part other areas of the greater southern region.

Excerpt from the proposal for Australasian Geographical Sub-Region Denmark WA for the  Geographical Indicators Committee written by John Gladstone.